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Travel: Trip up Monkey River, Belize

Saturday, 13 October 2007

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IMG_7410, Howler Monkeys, Monkey River, Monkey River Villiage, Belize
IMG_7410, originally uploaded by [ecpark].
Our second major excursion in Belize was up the Monkey River, which is one of the larger rivers in southern Belize. We took a boat up the river and saw all sorts of wildlife (Howler Monkeys, Egrets, Ospreys, Crocodiles, ect.) and had lunch in Monkey River Town on the way back through.

back at the turtle inn, after making our way through the vast majority of the happy hour special list, we finally asked the bartender what the locals drink when they don’t want bad fruity resort drinks.

he introduced us to the rum and coke, with belize’s own one barrel rum.

the rum is made with sugar cane, which gives it a bit of a vanilla taste — which makes it a lot less like drinking alcohol, and a lot more like drinking vanilla cokes.


Travel: Rainy Day at the Turtle Inn, Belize

Friday, 12 October 2007

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IMG_0398, Swimming in the Rain, Turtle Inn, Placencia, Belize
IMG_0398, originally uploaded by [ecpark].
Today was our first day of rain in Belize (and it would ultimate turn out to be our last), but as we were planning on spending the day at the resort, it didn’t turn out to slow us down a bit. We realized today that we haven’t taken a single picture of our accommodations, so we spent part of the day wandering around snapping pictures of where we stayed.

we spent the bulk of the afternoon at the pool bar, which just so happened had happy hour specials that made the drinks actually mostly affordable.

Travel: Snorkeling off Laughing Bird Caye, Belize

Thursday, 11 October 2007

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IMG_0301, First Attempt at Underwater Photography (Ever), Laughing Bird Caye, Placencia, Belize
IMG_0301, originally uploaded by [ecpark].
Our first major outing was to Laughing Bird Caye, a National Park in Belize (where, coincidentally, The Nature Conservancy has a few marine projects). Belize is home to the largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere, and we spent the day snorkeling through the western fringes of it.

Travel: Relaxation in Placencia, Belize

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

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IMG_7292, After Dinner Photography, Turtle Inn, Placencia, Belize
IMG_7292, originally uploaded by [ecpark].
We spent our first full day in Belize doing what all honeymooners should, lounging around the resort … which we referred to more elegantly as “getting our bearings.” After dinner, we went out and took some pictures of the resort at night.

it turns out pretty much everyone here is on their honeymoon — which would have been funnier if it we hadn’t had the “oh my god, we got married on saturday too! what a coincidence” conversation twelve times before we figured it out.

Travel: Arrival in Placencia, Belize

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

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IMG_0070, Drinks at Mare Restaurant, Turtle Inn, Placencia, Belize
IMG_0070, originally uploaded by [ecpark].
honeymoon! we flew out of Washington’s National Airport at early, early in the morning, and arrived in Belize CIty by mid-morning.

Once in-country, we hoped on a little puddle-jumper of a plane for the trip down to Placencia. WIthin minutes of landing, we were at the Turtle Inn, a Balinese-style report put together by Francis Ford Coppola after Placencia was ravaged by Hurricane Iris in 2001.

We spent the afternoon biking into the villiage, and hanging around the pool. Beautiful.

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Arrival in Placencia, Belize

Wedding: Honeymoon

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

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let the tropical drinks begin…

I’m not “supposed” to be online, but I negotiated and got that sentence reduced to just a ban on email.

With my new found interweb freedom, we have been uploading pictures from the honeymoon to Flickr. If you want to see what we have been up to, take a peak at our Flickr slideshow of the honeymoon so far.

We’ll keep posting so long as we have access to free WiFi at the bar (the drinks make uploading go MUCH faster).

UPDATE: Well, Flickr was fun while it lasted. Everything is great at Chaa Creek, but WOW! is the internet slow. It takes so long to upload one picture that if we keep going we won’t have any time to *take* pictures. Anyway, we have (sadly) posted our last pictures until we get home this upcoming weekend.

UPDATE: We’re back, and everything is uploaded. We will post an abridged version later, but if you want to see everything from beginning to end you can look here.

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0y, 0m, 3d

Wedding: Honeymoon in Belize?

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

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Courtesy Google Maps

Courtesy Perry-Castañeda Library

Well, we have been bouncing all over the place, but we may finally have a honeymoon.

We went into the wedding with three thoughts on the honeymoon: (1) international — or someplace we can’t go with 5 kids in tow; (2) someplace neither of us had been too before; (3) someplace were we would NOT felt like we had an agenda, or had to get up early every mourning to “tour.”

We started out thinking about Costa Rica, but The Lady Sparkler had already been. We then toyed with St. John’s and the US & British Virgin Islands, but that fell through at the last minute. We think we have now settled on Belize, a small, Central American country once known as British Hondouras.

A friend of a friend of a co-worker thrice removed (or something like that) recommended we talk with Timothy Burke of Burke Travel out of Kansas City, Missouri. Always suckers for recommendations, we called him up and have had great luck. Very helpful with ideas.

I mentioned earlier that the only “remorse” of our married friends was not spending enough on photography, and that is mostly true. The “other” remorse seems to be (a) leaving for the honeymoon too quick, and (b) not taking enough time off for the wedding and honeymoon. So, it looks like we aren’t going to leave until three days after the wedding, and will be gone for a little under 10 days.

For those in the Belize “know,” we haven’t finalized anything yet, but we are looking at the Turtle Inn in Placentia, and Chaa Creek Lodge outside of San Ignacio.

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