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Travel: Arrival in Placencia, Belize

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

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IMG_0070, Drinks at Mare Restaurant, Turtle Inn, Placencia, Belize
IMG_0070, originally uploaded by [ecpark].
honeymoon! we flew out of Washington’s National Airport at early, early in the morning, and arrived in Belize CIty by mid-morning.

Once in-country, we hoped on a little puddle-jumper of a plane for the trip down to Placencia. WIthin minutes of landing, we were at the Turtle Inn, a Balinese-style report put together by Francis Ford Coppola after Placencia was ravaged by Hurricane Iris in 2001.

We spent the afternoon biking into the villiage, and hanging around the pool. Beautiful.

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Arrival in Placencia, Belize