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Travel: Trip up Monkey River, Belize

Saturday, 13 October 2007

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IMG_7410, Howler Monkeys, Monkey River, Monkey River Villiage, Belize
IMG_7410, originally uploaded by [ecpark].
Our second major excursion in Belize was up the Monkey River, which is one of the larger rivers in southern Belize. We took a boat up the river and saw all sorts of wildlife (Howler Monkeys, Egrets, Ospreys, Crocodiles, ect.) and had lunch in Monkey River Town on the way back through.

back at the turtle inn, after making our way through the vast majority of the happy hour special list, we finally asked the bartender what the locals drink when they don’t want bad fruity resort drinks.

he introduced us to the rum and coke, with belize’s own one barrel rum.

the rum is made with sugar cane, which gives it a bit of a vanilla taste — which makes it a lot less like drinking alcohol, and a lot more like drinking vanilla cokes.