just finished up the olympic women’s gymnastics team all-a-round competition … and we are *done* with the manic-depressive rantings that spew from nbc’s gymnastics commentators.

update: for 2012’s NBC gymnastics coverage — live commentary is here, or follow on twitter.

some snapshots:

  • when Alicia Sacramone fell on a floor routine, it was a “a catastrophe of epic proportions.”
  • when an men’s gymnast fell off the apparatus: “High bar 101, grab the bar.”
  • apparently, japan and romania’s women “don’t show the proper respect for the olympics” by enjoying themselves on the gym floor, and they would be ultimately unsuccessful because they were “unfocused” (romania went on to medal).
  • they won’t shut up about the age of the chinese gymnasts, saying at least three times that “nothing more need be said” about the controversy (if they would only *heed* this themselves).
  • when the chinese started their final routine: “Pick your measure of pressure and multiply it by one point three billion.”

really, people. they weren’t negotiating a peace treaty. they weren’t transporting nuclear waste. this is a sport. frankly, Sacramone going to have all sorts of undeserved shrink bills even without your drama queen commentary. (we still love you, alicia…)

turns out that we aren’t the only haters. their are tons of nasty commentary about NBC’s lousy commentary.

anyway, we’re using the mute button from here on out.