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Monday, 11 November 2013

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Apologies for two consecutive navel-gazing posts, but there are a couple of auspicious milestones that demand attention. I’ve just ticked over 20,000 photos since I relaunched my photography habit back in 2004, and it looks like I’m up to my 2,500th blog post.

To make things more dramatic/traumatic, I just realized next spring will make it 10 full years of blogging. (I started blogging the same month that I started dating my beloved wife, so a decade of blogging will clearly be the second most important anniversary celebrated that month.)

It’s stunningly hard to explain the number of things that have changed over the last ten years… and it’s hard to believe that I’m even the same person.

Speaking of, my kids are yelling at me, so I have to go.


4y 0m 29d

the mighty quinn:

1y 7m 13d

web: welcome to 2014

Monday, 11 November 2013

After three years, it was about time for a new look and feel for the family blog.

I launched the last look shortly before sparklet’s first birthday, which means it’s been up and running just over three years. now, one all-nighter later, we’ve got a design that looks like it’s been designed in this decade, which should be quite the upgrade.

Talk to y’all again in 2017.

the abridged version of the last 124 days

Sunday, 7 July 2013

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i’m not going to even pretend that i’m a good blogger anymore.mighty quinn is walking, sparklet’s getting ready to go to school, we left the country, had a couple of birthdays, and basically spent the last three months outside. it’s been 124 days since my last blog post, and here is a selection of the 150 posts worth of life i missed over the last four months:


3y 8m 24d

the mighty quinn:

1y 3m 8d

midnight run to the apple store

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

we suffered the first hard drive failure of my life this weekend. turns out there is a defect with some iMac hard drives that cause them to spin until the burn up. thank god for free warrenty/recall repair, time machine, and regular back-ups.

cold snap (#2000)

Thursday, 8 November 2012

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as of yesterday, i was nearly two months behind in blogging — the longest cold spell since sparklet was born three-plus years ago.

good news is that not much happened:

the mighty quinn is tottering on the edge of crawling (and has been for most of the last two months.) he’s on to baby foods, and just this week started some real food (blackbeans, just like his sister.)

he’s also officially a beast, off the charts on both height and weight. seriously, however big you think he is — double it. and then double it again.  and then burn whatever you thought you were thinking.

for her part, sparklet (who just turned three) is having entire conversations now, mostly with herself. she makes up songs from scratch, and they are often are laden with not-so-hidden messages. (“riding on ca-rou-sels is funnnnnn! i’d liiike to riiide on a ca-rou-sel todaaaay.”)

moreover, she has figured out how to say the two worst words in the world — “no” and “just” (eg. “no, no, no, no, i don’t want to eat lunch, i just want a snack.” and “no, no, no, no, i’m not eating — i’m just checking to see if there are snacks in the bag.”)

finally, i realized that i have ten tons of unused vacation days that i’m going to lose in December if i don’t start taking them quick — so i’m cobbling together a better-late-than-never paternity leave from random days across the remainder of the year.

oh, and that election thing happened.  oh, and i got an iphone that takes neat panorama photos.  oh, and halloween happend (sparklet was a fairy, and mighty quinn was yoda, and we picked pumpkins).  and, oh, this is my 2,000th post since 2004.

back in the saddle, and i hope it lasts.


3y 0m 27d

the mighty quinn:

0y 7m 10d

the layoff

Monday, 28 May 2012

the number one rule of blogging is don’t apologize — not for posting too much, not for posting too little, not for posting “stupid” posts, and not for a long break in between posts.

no matter what you think you’ve done wrong, chances are (a) people aren’t paying close enough attention to have noticed, and (b) you are being way too self important if you think they care.

that said, holy crap it’s been a long time since i’ve updated this blogthing.

seven weeks. 1,689 photos. 45 minutes of video. 9 extra lbs of baby. 441 diapers. but, i think we are starting to come through the other side of the madness.

the mighty quinn is getting up to 6 hours of sleep at a shot, and — as we have more time for her — sparklet’s terrible twos are receding just a little bit. kinda. sorta.

so, no apologies for the lack of posting because you probably didn’t notice, and — if you did — i just wrote (and backdated) 76 posts for posterity (and you) in the space of 18 hours.

that was penance enough.


Thursday, 5 May 2011

turns out that i know funny people.

another side project — this time for a really funny guy (and brother to the couple of the century) who does stand up in L.A. if you do nothing else, visit the site and watch the “jesus chrysler dodge and suburu” clip up top. (oh, and “like” him on facebook while you’re there, too.)

funny stuff.

Jason Bucy


Monday, 7 February 2011

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as part of the sale, i’ve created a brochure-ware site for our building — i doubt i can get it onto the first page of google results for us, but it’s worth a shot.

in mt. pleasant, dc:

3y, 6m, 21d

emergency! emergency!

Sunday, 21 November 2010

i got a text message from the m.o.h. last night:

What happened to your blog?!?

what happened is that 1,101 individual, lovingly crafted blog posts had been spontaneously replaced by a single, solitary “sorry, no blog posts matched your criteria” message.


i logged into the wordpress admin and the dashboard welcomed me to edit my 0 posts.

#$%&$%, @&#$%^.

when i logged into the super techie backed (phpmyadmin, which administers that database that powers the blog) it said that the my wp_posts table — the one with the content for all 1,101 posts — was unavailable because it was “in use”.

#$%&$%, @&#$%^ — #%$&$%.

suddenly, the notion of replacing the notion of sparklet’s babybook with a happy, communal blog seemed like a pretty stupid idea.

suddenly, the notion of only backing up said blog twice in the last two years (August 2010, July 2009) seamed like a pretty bad idea.

at some point in the week hours of the morning — after two support tickets and 45 minutes of googling/panicking — i figured out that the database had “just” become corrupted, and i “just” needed to repair the table. after another 30 minutes of googling to find out how to do such a thing, i did it.

and it worked.

and now i’m successfully procrastinating on a plan to backup the website — at least until after the *next* disaster.


Friday, 8 October 2010

jeez, that was quick. it took me five whole years to get to blog post #500 and now just 12 months later i’m at #1000.

now, i’m not exactly a linear blogger — i’ve usually got 20 or more drafts posts going at any one time, many of which will eventually be backdated by twelve months or more. just last week I added 40+ posts about our trip to Europe in Spring 2009.

but, everything i do is in service of my horrific memory — the point of going back and blogging about Europe isn’t so others will read, but so that future me can remember.

(speaking of, i just spent 15 minutes reading through my posts tracking Sparklet’s “firsts”, and last week i spent what felt like an hour digging through the 50+ “photo of the week” posts tracking her growth. awesome.)

back at post #500 i joked that:

i have doubled the wonderful women in my life, and will certainly be doubling the silly, stupid things that i want to write down so i don’t forget.

… and that has certainly turned out to be the case. i’ve never had so much material to write about, or so many things i’ve not wanted to forget.

so, thanks to my 2.7 3.7 loyal readers for tagging along — here’s hoping that the next 1000 will be as much fun as the first.