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Monday, 11 November 2013

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Apologies for two consecutive navel-gazing posts, but there are a couple of auspicious milestones that demand attention. I’ve just ticked over 20,000 photos since I relaunched my photography habit back in 2004, and it looks like I’m up to my 2,500th blog post.

To make things more dramatic/traumatic, I just realized next spring will make it 10 full years of blogging. (I started blogging the same month that I started dating my beloved wife, so a decade of blogging will clearly be the second most important anniversary celebrated that month.)

It’s stunningly hard to explain the number of things that have changed over the last ten years… and it’s hard to believe that I’m even the same person.

Speaking of, my kids are yelling at me, so I have to go.


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archive: the year in tweets, 2012-2013

Saturday, 14 September 2013

13 Sep 13 … just realized I’ve been watching Dora for the last 15 minutes. both kids are asleep.
13 Sep 13 … it’s disturbing how much of my personal nomenklatura comes from @ThatKevinSmith’s “Dogma.”
7 Sep 13 … #sparklet is the tallest person in her 4 to 5 year old gymnastics class, and she’s still only 3.
2 Sep 13 … actually, happiness is having a wife who says “we don’t have any food for dinner, let’s go to a brew pub.”
2 Sep 13 … happiness is going to a brew pub and listening to the waiter politely explain to another table why they don’t serve Miller Lite.
30 Aug 13 … first day of school, ever. #sparklet #emptynestsyndrome http://t.co/S0TgiIDFGj
29 Aug 13 … a stranger just said “hello” to me in the elevator. without any apparent agenda or sense of irony. #bewildered #alternateuniverse
22 Aug 13 … #sparklet. http://t.co/ZySodHYpi7
22 Aug 13 … #mightyquinn. http://t.co/sLBpVj0fch
18 Aug 13 … “daddy, i hate coloring princesses. do we have anything else?” #ftw
17 Aug 13 … it shouldn’t take 42 minutes in @HomeDepot to figure out they don’t have a single thing you need. #FirstWorldProblems
16 Aug 13 … fatherhood is spending the entire @gracepotter concert thinking how much fun #sparklet would be having if she were here.
16 Aug 13 … @gracepotter charges The Rolling Stones royalties whenever she decides to play “Paint It Black.”
16 Aug 13 … if you’re going to block my view, I’d hope you’d dance better. #gracepotter
16 Aug 13 … @gracepotter made it through 9 songs before having to take off her 4 inch heals. #epic #grammyworthy
16 Aug 13 … I’ve never been ready to leave a concert after the “opening” act before. @Tromboneshorty #wickedmadskills
15 Aug 13 … sure y’all can hear from DC, but @tromboneshorty just ripped the lid off Wolf Trap. #nothard #butstill
15 Aug 13 … saw a girl at #GracePotter wearing a Justin Bieber t-shirt. asked the police to escort her out. #somepeoplecantbetrusted
15 Aug 13 … commute from DC to the sticks to see @GracePotter took 22 minutes, and I saw two deer. win?!? win.
27 Jul 13 … finished Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy. #kindle http://t.co/QOGcgcZou2
23 Jul 13 … god save the #king. http://t.co/OVYveAU49Q
20 Jul 13 … I first bought Liz Phair’s “Exile in Guyville” twenty years ago this month. #OfficiallyOldNow
19 Jul 13 … oh Framingham, oh Framingham / how lovely is thy masspike?
17 Jul 13 … my daughter sent me on my business trip with a coloring book, so I ‘d have something to do on the plane. thank you, #sparklet.
15 Jul 13 … i’m confused why Sam and Frodo haven’t gotten the love that Bert and Ernie have. does marriage equality not extend to hobbits? #racist
13 Jul 13 … spending saturday morning watching Gross Pointe Blank with my three year old. too soon?
11 Jul 13 … pro-tip to the guy at 6th and 24th: #fixies make you _less_ cool if you tip over waiting for the light to turn green.
9 Jul 13 … guessing I’m the only one feeling nostalgic for Janet Jackson’s “Love Will Never Do” video? #shewassohappythen #theysaiditwouldntlast
7 Jul 13 … in 124 days away #mightyquinn is walking, #sparklet’s going to school, we left the US, and spent 3+mo outside. http://t.co/VY0oFVuqzJ
6 Jul 13 … hast du etwas Zeit für mich dann singe ich ein Lied für dich von 99 Luftballons.
4 Jul 13 … my son just realized that we are out of beer. http://t.co/r4KUGgUvF8
30 Jun 13 … I want to like this movie, I want to like this movie, I want to like this movie.
28 Jun 13 … I’ve decided that my liver has been badly behaved this week, and needs to be punished.
28 Jun 13 … “beer is more than just a breakfast drink.”
27 Jun 13 … finished The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. #kindle http://t.co/2QvbneeWR5
23 Jun 13 … why do you build me up, buttercup, baby. #younevercallbabywhenyousayyouwill#butiloveyoustill
19 Jun 13 … finished Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs: A Low Culture Manifesto by Chuck Klosterman. #kindle http://t.co/S5osLctV8Z
19 Jun 13 … finished The Devil in the Kitchen by Marco Pierre White. #kindle http://t.co/eXj4yVh0Lz
19 Jun 13 … it was as if millions of voices cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. #nbafinals
19 Jun 13 … #$&% you, ray allen.
18 Jun 13 … turns out that I fish left handed, and i’m a little unsure why i’m discovering this at the age of 38. http://t.co/s3AFssr07I
17 Jun 13 … how typeface influences the way we read and think http://t.co/WOb0a5iA6g via @TheWeek
14 Jun 13 … feeling a little emo. #nokids
13 Jun 13 … my son kisses like he’s jabba the hut. #mightyquinn
12 Jun 13 … finished Just My Type: A Book About Fonts by Simon Garfield. #kindle
9 Jun 13 … the utterance that just earned me a parent of the year nomination: “rory, no more knives.”
9 Jun 13 … kids heal, bacon doesn’t un-burn.
5 Jun 13 … GoldenEye. greatest bond movie ever. discuss.
4 Jun 13 … have watched 1 hour and 13 minutes of a Coldplay concert on Palladia. don’t know whether to sing along or gnaw off my earlobes.
2 Jun 13 … finished “Ghost Train to the Eastern Star” by Paul Theroux. #kindle http://t.co/QIq1tS99X1
1 Jun 13 … #wallflower #groupies. http://t.co/mFhVz08o4d
1 Jun 13 … just saw a neighbor walking their cockatoo to the farmers market. not sure I like how my neighborhood is trending.
30 May 13 … never share a milkshake with a toddler. it’s quite literally a race to the bottom.
24 May 13 … DCA to MIA to Costa #%£$ing Rica.
15 May 13 … #bostonceltics, in training. http://t.co/WV1sCmQVw7
14 May 13 … was totally duped by Third Shift beer. shouldn’t they be required to disclose on the label that they’re a front for Miller/Coors?
13 May 13 … at DAR Hall, waiting for Anthony Bourdain to start. Based on the rest of the audience, I’m not sure this was such a good idea.
4 May 13 … to whomever gave my child the dancing Justin Bieber dog: I don’t know who you are, or what you want, but I will find you.
3 May 13 … #spoilingourdinner. http://t.co/QXEhwITKCk
2 May 13 … finished Best American Science and Nature Writing 2011 by Mary Roach, Tim Folger. http://t.co/NLednGcQJf
26 Apr 13 … #keepmovingforward.
23 Apr 13 … “No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.”
18 Apr 13 … I am going to Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, ftw! http://t.co/NKWbpSjPO0 via @ticketsdotcom
14 Apr 13 … #Rubenesque. http://t.co/vUmkgFvE97
14 Apr 13 … #reading. http://t.co/n1FZ1Cqmjs
14 Apr 13 … #family. http://t.co/xvtBpDgtG8
9 Apr 13 … about ready to watch my first game of the 2013 #NCAA #MarchMadness. anybody know who’s playing?
4 Apr 13 … the dude abides.
4 Apr 13 … it turned out to be a good day. feel like i should go hide in a cave to make sure it stays that way.
29 Mar 13 … I hope the ’83 Wolfpack win tonight.
27 Mar 13 … reading #books. http://t.co/ailQaN7AQU
27 Mar 13 … fear the turtle, baby. #goterps
25 Mar 13 … finally, enough #snow for a #snowman. http://t.co/GkXOzQP4n7
25 Mar 13 … Federal Gov’t closes when it doesn’t snow, stays open when it finally does. seriously.
24 Mar 13 … inspiring college students to use birth control since 2012 http://t.co/yWLaAuWrAc
24 Mar 13 … Plato’s Diner, College Park. #goterps http://t.co/PwbanSFY3P
23 Mar 13 … man, this has been a long winter. #ineverysenseoftheword
23 Mar 13 … #spring. http://t.co/cvY0y8qVwT
23 Mar 13 … #swing. http://t.co/kCImPoa17H
23 Mar 13 … #munch #munch. http://t.co/LM8RvuvAnL
23 Mar 13 … #divas. http://t.co/LevKHtqF41
23 Mar 13 … never in my years have I seen a #usmnt World Cup qualifier look like this: http://t.co/lh3JW3YRgO
20 Mar 13 … “when your enemy’s making mistakes, don’t interrupt him.”
18 Mar 13 … finished Drift: The Unmooring of American Military Power by Rachel Maddow. http://t.co/N0Li2CCn7A
16 Mar 13 … maryland #terps, ftw! I’d light my couch on fire if I wasn’t sitting on it.
12 Mar 13 … my son sounds exactly like one of the Nazgûl.
11 Mar 13 … walked by a venue at #sxsw and the band was covering “Wonderwall.” If this isn’t a cry for quality control, I don’t know what is.
10 Mar 13 … until I came to Austin, I didn’t realize how much hot pants annoyed me. #sxsw #sxswi
10 Mar 13 … I shouldn’t be allowed to pick my own sessions. #sxsw
9 Mar 13 … pretty sure I just drank beer, wine, tequila, and sake in the same night. #SXSW http://t.co/xlVK6xZFci
8 Mar 13 … presenter at #sxsw is showing windows media files and using IE7. wondering if I should walk out on principle.
8 Mar 13 … just saw a sign for “breakdance services.” #iloveaustin #sxsw
6 Mar 13 … 68 degrees and sunny. eating tex-mex. miss you guys.
6 Mar 13 … DCA –> SXSW.
3 Mar 13 … #vamosunited
2 Mar 13 … staring contest. http://t.co/sc5yObm1OF
2 Mar 13 … stirring coffee. http://t.co/7zgNpyepiX
2 Mar 13 … Herndon, it’s like a whole other country.
26 Feb 13 … most annoying: Kevin Costner in Dances with Wolves or @AmericanAir putting me on hold for 50 mins to fix their mistake? discuss.
23 Feb 13 … speaking of, I just admonished #sparklet for her tone when play-talking to her imaginary mother on her fake cell phone. srsly?!?
23 Feb 13 … #sparklet has imaginary pets and gets surprisingly flustered if you try and hold the actual hand that’s holding the imaginary leash.
17 Feb 13 … watching Maryland spank Duke, with my family, on a three day weekend. if life gets better than this, I don’t know how I’d handle it.
17 Feb 13 … don’t you think it’s about time for Sam and Frodo to come out of the closet together?
17 Feb 13 … your officially old when you’re having after dinner drinks at 7:15.
13 Feb 13 … my child appears to be singing “silent night.”
11 Feb 13 … i haven’t taken my heavy winter coat out of storage in ~36 months. i’m starting to think @BowmanClimate might be on to something.
8 Feb 13 … #sparklet is singing along to Adele. I am the awesomest father of a three year old, ever.
5 Feb 13 … #mightyquinn just stood up by himself, realized he had no idea what the heck he was doing, and fell over.
4 Feb 13 … $&@?, that was more more exciting than it needed to be.
21 Jan 13 … ravens, ftw!
19 Jan 13 … it’s time for the proudest of Washingtonian traditions: getting out of town before the inauguration crowds ravage the city.
10 Jan 13 … I have a strange desire to find whoever pitched “Stars in Danger: High Dive” and punch them in the nose.
1 Jan 13 … pretty sure this is the first New Years that I’m hoping the next year will be *less* exciting than the one that came before.
31 Dec 12 … #happiness is watching your family in the kitchen dance along to “Fairytale of New York” by the Pogues.
25 Dec 12 … “after all, there’s only one more sleep til Christmas.”
15 Dec 12 … is it weird to have a favorite Home Alone movie? yeah, probably.
14 Dec 12 … fun with toilet paper. http://t.co/cc5hsgjO
14 Dec 12 … every year I go to the White House Christmas tree and every year I’m underwhelmed. #Grinch
11 Dec 12 … Romney, with gravy. http://t.co/IHsFUztP
30 Nov 12 … Chicago. http://t.co/GyKMmdlc
25 Nov 12 … home for the holidays. http://t.co/2zZiCd0h
22 Nov 12 … thankful. http://t.co/J7xTkIyQ
22 Nov 12 … feel like I should be live tweeting the Macy’s parade. my snark deserves a wider audience than my 3 year old.
22 Nov 12 … Bring It On is a musical now? cue sound of barrel bottom being scraped.
20 Nov 12 … just realized I haven’t been in an outlet mall in nearly two years. is this what it’s like to live in the suburbs?
19 Nov 12 … “who am I. why am I here? i’m not a politician.”
18 Nov 12 … the joy of mirrored ceilings. http://t.co/LDo4a0D0
17 Nov 12 … synchronized sand scooping. http://t.co/zbVoeM0w
17 Nov 12 … puppets fear me. http://t.co/1RJxgtpF
16 Nov 12 … “Awesome. It’s like a pack of hairless Ewoks.”
16 Nov 12 … on the plane, I watched Step Up Revolution (oversexed teens grinding in Miami) to the #sparklet’s soundtrack from Annie. epic mash up.
13 Nov 12 … the blogging equivalent of the dreaded clip-show http://t.co/wgt5l7wF
11 Nov 12 … driving like a crazy toddler. http://t.co/Rz7qRbTH
11 Nov 12 … sleep is good. http://t.co/uuOhFkK3
10 Nov 12 … fishing for alligators. http://t.co/2QbR8cXz
10 Nov 12 … eating good barbecue, awash in the glow from the Walmart parking lot. welcome to Texas.
8 Nov 12 … auntie kat. http://t.co/eqWWFLcn
7 Nov 12 … at the smithsonian castle. http://t.co/HR94f4cE
7 Nov 12 … I know I should be impressed that 1700 years ago Iranians made a wine horn that looks like a gazelle, but man I #hate ancient art.
6 Nov 12 … I don’t care that the polls haven’t closed, I don’t understand why they haven’t called DC yet. #election
4 Nov 12 … “I led you here, for I am Spartacus.”
3 Nov 12 … again. http://t.co/2y4snd9e
2 Nov 12 … cousins. http://t.co/gS0YLOip
2 Nov 12 … #done. http://t.co/GC4VFEj8
2 Nov 12 … snack break. http://t.co/H96cKlx5
31 Oct 12 … rei fairy princess. http://t.co/zUJ4whUw
31 Oct 12 … Yoda is not an Ewok. http://t.co/FMlowr2e
30 Oct 12 … camping in the basement. http://t.co/HP969cVI
30 Oct 12 … “you’ve had the power to go back all along.”
28 Oct 12 … #sparklet just knocked over a drink and said, “party foul.” #neverbeenprouder
28 Oct 12 … I’ll bet you the #steelers wish they had let their wives dress them this morning. #httr
28 Oct 12 … waiting for the storm. http://t.co/olUBO6iN
28 Oct 12 … ihop! http://t.co/b66cEPxF
27 Oct 12 … pumpkins! http://t.co/zCNgCtGI
27 Oct 12 … after “extremely loud and incredibly close” last night, watching “day after tomorrow” wasn’t quite the pick-me-up I had hoped.
25 Oct 12 … based on her height at age two, #Sparklet should end up to be 6 ft tall. i fear for her future boyfriends.
17 Oct 12 … oh, wait. I’ve been watching Harry Potter on ABC Family. What have you all been watching? #debates
13 Oct 12 … thank you #nats for distracting me from how sucky it is being a #redsox fan. well, up until the collapse, when you reminded me. #fb
12 Oct 12 … I think Kate Nash’s “Do Wah Doo” might just be the perfect pop song. Even if the video is a little odd. http://t.co/7vF62A1c
7 Oct 12 … sign on pizzeria says “welcome to steelers country” but they are closed Sundays. #PoorBusinessModel
7 Oct 12 … asleep. http://t.co/h1NKvUSL
7 Oct 12 … camping! http://t.co/6ZQR0Adr
7 Oct 12 … camping! http://t.co/SyPucEWM
5 Oct 12 … I think I killed them. http://t.co/WGLKKVzl
5 Oct 12 … swings. http://t.co/U3XzEqxb
5 Oct 12 … #kingofthemountain. http://t.co/4753ezjX
5 Oct 12 … first hike. http://t.co/o9SBiEQI
4 Oct 12 … my wife just mistook Yoda for an Ewok. divorce proceedings begin on Tuesday. #seewhatihavetoputupwith #starwars
4 Oct 12 … hiding from #Debate2012 tonight. someone let me know if Dewey defeats Truman.
4 Oct 12 … watching the last 90 minutes of #Olympics coverage, the “London Gold” clipshow. warning: NBC’s coverage does NOT get better with age.
2 Oct 12 … #nats win the division, #redsox are 24 games back in theirs. #upisdown #blackiswhite #dogsandcatslivingtogether #masshysteria
1 Oct 12 … Pocoyo might be the best show on tv right now, and it’s on NickJr. not sure what that says about the state of television. #fb
29 Sep 12 … manchester united, ftw! #coys
28 Sep 12 … nirvana is Friday night, wife, son, Mac and Cheese, and a daughter who loves the Muppet Movie. #fb
26 Sep 12 … I’ve been taxiing around Atlanta’s runways long enough that I’m pretty sure we’ve crossed into Alabama. #fb
26 Sep 12 … pretty sure I’m the only person who followed watching @BarackObama’s full speech to the UN with the latest episode of #AmericanChopper.
24 Sep 12 … are they really “friends” if they come to your house and teach your child the chicken dance? #fb
23 Sep 12 … so glad my wife is a tequila snob. #fb


Friday, 1 March 2013


After years of being annoyingly smartphone only, Instagram has finally opened all pictures (including mine) to just regular web browsers.
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archive: the year in tweets, 2011-2012

Friday, 14 September 2012

14 Sep 12 … someday my daughter will stop dancing in the kitchen, and that will make me sad. #fb
13 Sep 12 … #biggerontheinside.
12 Sep 12 … p.s. has NBC’s Animal Practice been canceled yet?!? #GodIHopeSo #Olympics
12 Sep 12 … damn, I didn’t miss NBC’s shoddy editing of the #Olympics. wonder if I can move out of the country before #Sochi2014. #TivoDelay
11 Sep 12 … #Sparklet just said she wants to watch the #Olympics. so proud. and so happy I still have 5 hours banked on ye ole TiVo.
11 Sep 12 … someone at NBC has a sense of humor. their Sports Network is showing Rocky IV. #DNC2012 #ICanSeeRomneyFromMyFrontPorch
7 Sep 12 … i don’t have a single meeting, call or conference on my calendar for today. #PinchMe #OhThankGod
26 Aug 12 … overheard: “you’re a silly meatball!” reply: “no, I’m a pain in the tuckus!”
25 Aug 12 … #chillaxed. http://t.co/N5WGzZrm
24 Aug 12 … winding down #keepdaddyfromworkday. http://t.co/lxrib8mo
24 Aug 12 … Greatest. Exhibit. Ever. #ArtOfVideoGames. http://t.co/7Wx8A0JI
24 Aug 12 … #NotImpressed. http://t.co/xnWE9g8a
24 Aug 12 … #alwaysthegentleman. http://t.co/7UzRsgIN
24 Aug 12 … start of #keepdaddyfromworkday, part two. http://t.co/KPd0rcvf
24 Aug 12 … end of #KeepDaddyFromWorkDay, part one. http://t.co/Fah9Kr0I
24 Aug 12 … #GoodEgg. http://t.co/Blg3s4zO
24 Aug 12 … Hirschorn. (#sp?) http://t.co/rzv5DSzo
24 Aug 12 … #Jump #Jump! http://t.co/seUA8J5Y
24 Aug 12 … #KidFriendly. http://t.co/YEpbj1J5
24 Aug 12 … #NoChildLeftBehind. http://t.co/ippKZXkM
24 Aug 12 … #NoExit. http://t.co/9RueQQc0
24 Aug 12 … #WheelsOnTheBus. http://t.co/XUPyZLLT
24 Aug 12 … #SharingIsCaring. http://t.co/8QBiCwDT
23 Aug 12 … #VamosUnited! http://t.co/LCegIcts
22 Aug 12 … saw a “bike lanes aren’t parking spaces” sign on a passing bike, and now want a “stop lights aren’t just for cars” sign for myself. #fb
21 Aug 12 … I’m cheesed that the #Nats are doing so well, mainly because it distracts me from the ^%?!$&* #RedSox.
18 Aug 12 … #COYS.
17 Aug 12 … I’m freaked out by all the “back to school” ads on tv, which is odd considering #Sparklet is 3 years away from kindergarten. #NotGood
14 Aug 12 … you know it’s going to be a terrible day when you wake up with “We Built This City” stuck in your head. #deargodwhyhaththouforsakenme
20 Jul 12 … overheard, this morning: “I have nipples. They’re under my shirt.”
6 Jul 12 … tonight, my daughter called me a “silly meatball.” sadly, I have no clue what that means.
28 May 12 … the baby updates are back in business. http://t.co/m4ipIvMR
9 Apr 12 … i’m 10 days late on the birth announcement, but it’s a boy! two weeks early but still 8 lbs, 12 oz and 21 in. http://t.co/wvz2yYi8
1 Apr 12 … I just finished The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins on Kindle.
31 Mar 12 … I just finished Whatever You Do, Don’t Run: True Tales of a Botswana Safari Guide by Peter Allison on Kindle.
24 Mar 12 … my 2 year old daughter sang Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” today. ask me now why i’ve banned childrens’ music from our house. ask me.
24 Mar 12 … i just finished reading My Horizontal Life by Chelsea Handler on Kindle — http://t.co/VLwH9QxL
21 Mar 12 … I just finished Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson on Kindle.
18 Mar 12 … I just finished A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail by Bill Bryson.
5 Mar 12 … jury duty. 4th time in 6 years, because I'm a DC resident. can I have a meaningful vote in Congress now, please?
25 Feb 12 … sparklet just dragged the kitchen trash can and a box of trash bags into the dining room, so she could “help” put a new liner in.
4 Feb 12 … found a sixer of hopslam for superbowl weekend. I’ve already lost feeling in my face in anticipation.
2 Feb 12 … my daughter is rockin’ out to Aerosmith. oh, God, why hath thou forsaken me!?!
16 Jan 12 … sparklet reviews my childhood worth of music — http://t.co/4ToqPc5Q
5 Jan 12 … normal neighbors ask for a cup of sugar. my neighbor asks for a cup of wiskey. i love this place.
4 Jan 12 … four straight hours of watching #StorageWars on tv. where did my life go wrong?!?
1 Jan 12 … I just finished Heat: An Amateur Cook in a Professional Kitchen by Bill Buford on my Kindle.
25 Dec 11 … just finished “Idiot America: How Stupidity Became a Virtue” by Charlie Pierce. http://t.co/y0YIGAzn #Kindle
18 Dec 11 … in new york for a little pre-holiday vacay. follow the excitement, we’re blogging live. http://t.co/VfZrzkw3
15 Nov 11 … it’s amazing what $12 of beer will do to your disposition.
29 Oct 11 … sparklet appears to be growing up (http://t.co/wgt9SHFP).
9 Oct 11 … #pregnant. (http://t.co/wgt9SHFP)
5 Oct 11 … drinking isn’t the same without @salsus and @dquerey 🙂
25 Sep 11 … sparklet is throwing balls at the head of my parent's dog while yelling, "Goal!" … i <3 this on so many levels.

live(ish): olympic aftermath

Saturday, 18 August 2012

· · ·

as of the end of the closing ceremony, i was only about 50 hours behind in my olympics coverage — which, frankly, is a record. i’m typically still clearing through the last few days of events long after people have forgotten they even occurred.

  • evancparker… p.s. has NBC’s Animal Practice been canceled yet?!? #GodIHopeSo #Olympics

    5 days ago Reply

  • evancparker… damn, I didn’t miss NBC’s shoddy editing of the #Olympics. wonder if I can move out of the country before #Sochi2014. #TivoDelay

    5 days ago Reply

  • evancparker… #Sparklet just said she wants to watch the #Olympics. so proud. and so happy I still have 5 hours banked on ye ole TiVo.

    5 days ago Reply

  • evancparker… 9 hours of #Olympics left on TiVo, and holy crap this women’s boxing thing is for realz. #DidntGetTheMemo

    5 days ago Reply

  • evancparker… still 16 hours of #Olympics coverage left on my tivo, and race walking looks like a scene from a Will Farrell movie.

    5 days ago Reply

  • evancparker… 20 hours of #Olympics left, and I swear all of it is platform diving. ps. the divers’ towels are stupidly small. wtf?!?

    5 days ago Reply

  • evancparker… 48 hours after the #Olympics concluded, and I’m not missing Ryan Seacrest at all. #Nope #NotEvenALittle #NuhUh

    5 days ago Reply

  • evancparker… 31 hours of #Olympics left, but in case you forgot the gymnastics commentators are still #Harpies. #FireElfiSchlegel

    5 days ago Reply

  • evancparker… 39 hours of #Olympics left. i’d lose my gourd as a handball goalie if getting scored on “just” 26 times was considered good. #Brutal

    5 days ago Reply

  • evancparker … 42 hours of #Olympics left on TiVo, and my 2 y.o. (#Sparklet) wants to watch nothing but rhythmic gymnastics. #GodHelpMe

    5 days ago Reply

live: closing ceremony

Sunday, 12 August 2012

· ·

it’s not over — i’ve got 52 hours of coverage stacked up on my Tivo — but it’s close enough for government’s sake. or, olympics sake. oh, yes. the closing ceremonies.

live(ish): the final weekend

Saturday, 11 August 2012

· · ·

we’re getting close to the end — well, at least the rest of the world is. i’m already 40+ hours behind in my coverage, and my TiVo is starting to struggle under the weight of the 8-10 hour episodes that are backing up on the hard drive.

the good news is that if i fast forward through any sport with mean, uninformed, or inane commentary then i should be caught up in no time.

live: olympics, week two

Sunday, 5 August 2012

· · ·

i always start falling behind in the second week. intentions to watch 21+ hours of coverage a day, however good, start to wear thin in the face of other priorities — like eating, sleeping and going to the bathroom.

thank god i have two years until the winter games in Sochi to catch up.

live: three day weekend of awesomeness

Friday, 3 August 2012

· ·

i took today off from work — hypotetically because it was my flex day, mostly so sparklet and i could go for a bike ride, but secretly so that i could blow through a dozen hours of olympic coverage (relatively) undisturbed.


live: olympics, week one

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

· · ·

going back to work is, well, awkward.

the first day back during the olympics is always the worst, facing a tivo still full from the weekend and another 16 hours that taped while you were away. the “good” news is that NBC’s coverage is just as hyperbolic and manic-depressive as ever.

time to catch up.