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flexday: pedaling to great falls

Friday, 30 May 2008

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lock house, originally uploaded by [ecpark].
it’s officially the start of summer, because i start “flexing” every other friday. the deal at work is this: we still have to put in our 10 days worth of hours, but if we can do it in 9 days, we get every other friday off.

now, about 90% of me wanted to stay home, sleep, eat, play wii, etc … but with 72 degree weather, and working for an organization with “nature” in the title, it seemed like the slacking could wait until those 102 degree days in July.

so, i hopped on my bicycle, and headed up the C&O Canal Towpath that runs along the Potomac towards West Virginia. The trail head is four hilly miles from our place but, once on the path, it’s mercifully flat for the rest of the 35 mile round trip.

there really are about ten days out of the year where D.C. is the most beautiful place on earth, and i just got lucky with one of them.