the whole show was a little “off.”

it was part of the Israel@60 celebration on the mall, so it was a limited set to an age-diverse audience where no one over the age of 35 knew any of the songs … so, even through they were extremely appreciative in between songs, it wasn’t really a “participatory” crowd.

we also felt a little unsettled from being (seemingly) the only people there who didn’t have a strong religious/ideological reason to attend, compounded by the fact that i’m pretty sure that i was the only one there who had spent any extended amount time in Syria.

oh, and the panel truck continually circling the mall while plastered with pro-palestinian propaganda didn’t helping us feel very comfy, either.

anyway, two songs in regina forgot the lyrics to the song she was singing … which (fortunately for her) was the song making the Adult Alternative radio rounds at the moment, so the crowd just sang parts of it without her. (later, she blamed the dual pressure of performing for an event for Israel while in the shadow of the Capitol building.)

she plowed through the rest of the show without incident, but it wasn’t quite the intimate, personal concert that she’s known for … so, i’m going to chalk this one up to being a missed opportunity and try and see her live in a more conventional setting.

SET LIST: Bobbin’ for Apples, On the Radio, That Time, One More Time with Feeling, Ghost of Corporate Future, Apres Moi, Better, The Flowers, Poor Little Rich Boy, Ain’t No Cover, Fidelity, Us, Summer in the City, Samson, Hotel Song