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jury duty

Monday, 21 April 2014


i was selected for jury duty yet again — every 26 months, like clockwork and for the first time ever went through a void dire that no lawyer in the world would let me survive.

the case involved sibley hospital (where both my kids were born), the appearance of medical misdiagnosis (which we could accuse sibley of for sparkler’s cheek) and involved someone with a broken back (which the lady sparkler got when she was a kid)…

… but i got bounced not due to a threat of me running away with the jury, but because of work travel I have scheduled for next week. oh well, all’s well that ends well.

21 Apr 14 … released. #juryduty
21 Apr 14 … do you remember when news anchors reported the news, and not their own personal thoughts on the news? #pepperidgefarmremembers
21 Apr 14 … I’m in a jurors’ lounge that doesn’t have chaise lounges, swing music, or cocktails. can I sue for false advertising? #juryduty
21 Apr 14 … back in the jury pool. first time I’ve ever been excused in a peremptory challenge. #juryduty
21 Apr 14 … just called for duty. goodbye, world. I’ll miss you. #juryduty
21 Apr 14 … aaaaaand that clip was from “The Rainmaker.” nice to know someone has a sense of humor. is “Runaway Juror” next? #juryduty
21 Apr 14 … pretty sure the “inspirational” juror video just used a clip from 12 Angry Men. #nothelping #juryduty
21 Apr 14 … juror orientation video is titled: “We the People: A Call to Duty.” #epic #juryduty
21 Apr 14 … DVD player for orientation is broken (naturally) so I might have a chance to lead it after all. #juryduty
21 Apr 14 … guy behind me is sick. guy in front of me is reading 20th century French poetry. #juryduty
21 Apr 14 … fourth jurors’ briefing in just over 8 years. wonder if they’ll let me have a go at leading it? #juryduty
21 Apr 14 … I’m curious re: the relationship bathing has with my chances to get seated. #juryduty
21 Apr 14 … said this morning: “does my ESPN the Magazine hoodie make me seem too erudite?” #juryduty
21 Apr 14 … #juryduty.