The quick brown fox jumped over the good, but lazy Parker family.

cold snap (#2000)

Thursday, 8 November 2012

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as of yesterday, i was nearly two months behind in blogging — the longest cold spell since sparklet was born three-plus years ago.

good news is that not much happened:

the mighty quinn is tottering on the edge of crawling (and has been for most of the last two months.) he’s on to baby foods, and just this week started some real food (blackbeans, just like his sister.)

he’s also officially a beast, off the charts on both height and weight. seriously, however big you think he is — double it. and then double it again.  and then burn whatever you thought you were thinking.

for her part, sparklet (who just turned three) is having entire conversations now, mostly with herself. she makes up songs from scratch, and they are often are laden with not-so-hidden messages. (“riding on ca-rou-sels is funnnnnn! i’d liiike to riiide on a ca-rou-sel todaaaay.”)

moreover, she has figured out how to say the two worst words in the world — “no” and “just” (eg. “no, no, no, no, i don’t want to eat lunch, i just want a snack.” and “no, no, no, no, i’m not eating — i’m just checking to see if there are snacks in the bag.”)

finally, i realized that i have ten tons of unused vacation days that i’m going to lose in December if i don’t start taking them quick — so i’m cobbling together a better-late-than-never paternity leave from random days across the remainder of the year.

oh, and that election thing happened.  oh, and i got an iphone that takes neat panorama photos.  oh, and halloween happend (sparklet was a fairy, and mighty quinn was yoda, and we picked pumpkins).  and, oh, this is my 2,000th post since 2004.

back in the saddle, and i hope it lasts.