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out: rockefeller center, take two

Sunday, 18 December 2011

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for the record, last night’s trip to rockefeller center didn’t go all that well.

granted, we saw the tree — but it was so packed that the cab had to let us off three blocks away. pedestrians we’re walking down the center of 49th, because there was no room on the sidewalks, and cars couldn’t make it through the crosswalks anyway.

turns out sunday mornings at 8:00 am are a little different.

we could have bowled down 6th ave, and hit neither person nor automobile. we actually got to see the tree, and could have skated if one of us wasn’t either pregnant, or horribly unskilled, or two years old.

oh, and the fact that it was 24 #$%@ing degress out probably helped, too.

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out: rockefeller center, take two


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