I started tweeting three years ago, today — so i’m archiving another batch posterity, on the off chance that Twitter goes belly up (and the Library of Congress now, too) and takes their historical archive with them. Not bloody likely, but I’m neurotic like that.

15 Sep 11 … dilemma. on the train. window seat. nice lady sitting next to me. she’s asleep, so i can’t get up. i want beer. do i wake her up?
1 Sep 11 … i <3 @brodeurpartners dc.
31 Aug 11 … just got my first full 9 hrs of sleep last night since my 2 year-old was born. also explains why my wife likes business travel so much.
31 Aug 11 … @?!*#ng yankees.
28 Aug 11 … quite possibly the only part of my family with power for the forseable future. feeling pretty blessed right now.
26 Aug 11 … lots of ppl last minute shopping for #Irene. srsly, if you don’t have a 3day supply of alcohol on hand already, it’s not my problem.
22 Aug 11 … standing under the “how to be safe” loop at the train station. pretty sure this is what Orwell was writing about.
6 Aug 11 … sitting on the couch, alone, drinking a bloody mary. is this sign of a healthy world view, or am i just an alcoholic? discuss.
6 Aug 11 … finished Not Everyone Gets A Trophy by Bruce Tulgan. http://amzn.to/oBwu1v #Kindle
5 Aug 11 … Use Your Ouside Voice! — http://t.co/uUyZn9G @nature_org #OutsideVoice
4 Aug 11 … finished Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain http://amzn.to/dG8p9B #Kindle
17 Jul 11 … cursing at the television, which means i must be watching one of the u.s. national teams play soccer.
17 Jul 11 … finished “At Home: A Short History of Private Life” by Bill Bryson http://amzn.to/g0qkqk #Kindle
16 Jul 11 … last day at the Conservancy. got a new job doing PR. do i have to start watching “Mad Men” now?
12 Jul 11 … mentally assembling a bucket list for my time remaining in Ballston, Virginia. it has one item on it. help?
11 Jul 11 … after struggling to get a Google+ invite for a week, it turns out i had already been invited eight times. #needtopaymoreattention
10 Jul 11 … disinfecting our children’s thermometer with vodka. wondering if our “parent of the year” nomination might be affected.
8 Jul 11 … i’ll miss you, space shuttle. thanks 🙂
20 Jun 11 … sparklet just walked in the room, saw the Red Sox had runners in scoring position, and started clapping/squealing.
20 Jun 11 … do you think i’m the only person on the planet with a Tracey Ullman song stuck in their head right now?
19 Jun 11 … “no, no, no. this one goes there, and that one goes there. right?”
19 Jun 11 … “what good is a reward if you aren’t around to use it?”
19 Jun 11 … “you came in that thing?!? you’re braver than I thought.”
14 Jun 11 … sparklet and I were sitting on the back porch when she ran inside and brought me the remote. think she’s trying to tell me something.
13 Jun 11 … wow, it’s beautiful out. God must be happy that the Miami Heat pee’d themselves last night.
13 Jun 11 … finished Rising Tide by John M. Barry http://amzn.to/kXG5pq #Kindle
11 Jun 11 … pretty sure I haven’t cooked meat on a grill since 2002. hope it’s like riding a bike.
9 Jun 11 … sparklet is entranced by U2 documentary Rattle and Hum. the awesomest thing ever or another sign i’m a horrible parent? discuss.
25 May 11 … holy crap, we own a house. like a real house, with our own roof and stuff. happy birthday, tasha 🙂
24 May 11 … large, sweaty tourist just got off the 4th floor elevator of my secure-passcard-access-only building and asked me where the metro was.
24 May 11 … so tired of off-shored customer care centers. and, for the record, no your name isn’t “Bob”.
21 May 11 … just realized i haven’t mowed a lawn since fall of 2002. i’m glad that the new place has nothing but mulch as far as the eye can see.
19 May 11 … I was heckled from a passing pickup yesterday with “I want to party with Woody Allen!” I’m still confused, and on so many levels.
5 May 11 … “what kills a skunk is the publicity it gives itself.”
3 May 11 … just got my first real “dada” and it was pretty awesome.
29 Apr 11 … in such a good mood. beautiful women should marry ugly, awkward men more often. #RoyalWedding
29 Apr 11 … we need more national holidays. are either of the obama girls old enough to get married yet? #RoyalWedding
29 Apr 11 … up, and live blogging the #RoyalWedding http://goo.gl/KwIt3
27 Apr 11 … Kate just handed me my shoes, and led me out the front door. I have no clue where we’re going.
21 Apr 11 … what the heck is “hoarding: buried alive”?!? jeez, TLC is trying to kill me.
20 Apr 11 … watched “extreme couponing” before a show on quintuplets. need instructions on how to block TLC before i put a brick thru the screen.
19 Apr 11 … “you can either teach the turkey to climb a tree, or hire a squirrel.”
17 Apr 11 … it’s all about 18. #celtics
16 Apr 11 … me: “40 days til we move is such a long time.” tasha: “i feel like i want to do something, or i want you to be doing something.”
15 Apr 11 … “congressman are like labradors. individually, they’re well behaved. put them in the same room, and they’re a pack of wild dogs.”
14 Apr 11 … third consecutive morning of chocolate cake for breakfast. birthday week has officially become birthday month.
9 Apr 11 … sparklet has started licking my parents’ dog in retaliation for when the dog licks her. not sure it’s working.
9 Apr 11 … i keep finding myself in front of the house we’re buying, i think to make sure that the “under contract” sign is still out front.
2 Apr 11 … me: “do you ever feel like we use sesame street to raise our child?” tasha: “yes, but only before 7:30am.”
29 Mar 11 … spent 4 hours restaging our place for the buyers’ inspection. HGTV has ruined America.
27 Mar 11 … omg, we just bought a house. in dc. in mount pleasant. that goes in the top 10 list of things i didn’t think would happen this week.
26 Mar 11 … from my wife, this morning: “is it too early for a beer?” thank goodness for the bloody mary.
25 Mar 11 … sparklet keeps moving the mousepad from one side of the keyboard to the other. ambidextrous? ocd? inquiring minds want to know.
24 Mar 11 … turns out the best way to get an offer on your place is to take it off the market.
19 Mar 11 … it turns out people actually read my blog. who knew?
9 Mar 11 … time to make the donuts.
6 Mar 11 … monsoon + I95 = no fun.
2 Mar 11 … sparklet eats salsa now. wha?!?
2 Mar 11 … it’s a bad sign when you can name that episode of “house hunters” from just the opening shot.
26 Feb 11 … gaddafi: “people who don’t love me don’t deserve to live.”
25 Feb 11 … my life is trying to kill me.
17 Feb 11 … I’d love to know which 50 percent of sparklet’s personality is mine.
16 Feb 11 … sitting next to a guy with an iPad, iPhone, Droid X, laptop, and an Android tablet. feeling better about my own life choices, now.
6 Feb 11 … sitting with my wife and her maid of honor watching “steel magnolias” and they’re talking along with ALL their favorite parts.
13 Jan 11 … Chinese proverb: “the first bird is the one that gets shot.”
1 Dec 10 … the streak continues: two straight years of us celebrating our October wedding anniversary during the first week of December.
1 Dec 10 … the most powerful argument against american exceptionalism? the new u.s. version of @BBC_TopGear. ohmygoditshorrible. #TopGear
10 Nov 10 … la la la-la. la la la-la. elmo’s world.
7 Nov 10 … just saw a DC police officer skateboarding down 18th street. awesome.
7 Nov 10 … it took 20 years, but i had forgotten how bad kevin costner was in “robin hood: prince of thieves.”
25 Oct 10 … I just saw Erik Kuselias. that counts as a celebrity sighting, right?
25 Oct 10 … iPads irritate the heck out of me. am I petty? yeah, I’m petty.
23 Oct 10 … children seem to inhibit the consumption of both large amounts of alcohol and food on a stick.
16 Oct 10 … not unless you can alter time, speed up the harvest or teleport me off this rock.
11 Oct 10 … Kate keeps getting referred to as a boy. Wonder if it has anything to do with the blue Star Wars AT-AT t-shirt I put her in.
8 Oct 10 … never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.
2 Oct 10 … our child is serving as tonight’s reminder to all the couples in the room to use birth control.
27 Sep 10 … if you don’t weep like a little girl while watching extreme makeover home edition, I hereby declare you a bad, bad person. #emhe
22 Sep 10 … funyuns are decidedly not fun.
21 Sep 10 … I love the fall, but a little bummed that I’ll have to put away the flip-flops in another 2 or 3 months.