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Friday, 1 July 2011


after six and a half years in conservation, i’ve got a new job.

starting july 19th, i’ll be the vice president for digital at a pr-firm based out of boston. (in the non-profit industry, they’re best known for their work on american cancer society’s more birthdays effort, which is more or less the gold standard for a cause-based marketing campaign right now.)

on the off chance you have questions, here are some answers in no particular order:

  • no, we’re not moving — the firm’s headquarters are in boston, which means i get to visit often, but their digital team is are all based in DC as it gives them access to a lot of the government/non-profit/corporate clients they have and hope to grow.
  • no, i won’t have to wear a suit and tie — i wore a tie for my interview with the president/ceo and was ribbed mercilessly for it. during my final interview, my direct boss was wearing flip-flops.
  • yes, my wife and i will now be competitors in the same field — and, yes, i’m not sure that’s such a good idea either because i know how competitive she gets too.

so, i’m everything you’d imagine right now — i’m excited, i’m terrified. mostly, i just want to launch one last campaign for the Conservancy (more soon) and then hit the ground running.

it’s such a great opportunity, and sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun — albeit, a lot of work, too.

in an odd coincidence, the above photo was featured as the Daily Nature Photo on this week. in an even stranger coincidence, it’s the first time i’ve ever been featured on the site even though i conceived/built/launched it myself.

it’s just more proof that good things happen all at once.