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more real estate

Sunday, 6 February 2011

another batch of prospective houses, and another batch of prospective houses that are just waaay over priced for the market.

back in mid-January we looked at a couple of places (3300 block of 17th Street NW, 2000 block of Klingle Road NW) and they were both just ridiculously overpriced. we like one well enough to reach out to the opposing real estate agent, but the current owners were in a financial position that they couldn’t bring the price down closer to market value.

this past weekend we looked at two more places (both 3200 block of Walbridge Place NW) and again, both were asking for more than the value we saw in the place. again, we liked one of the places enough to enquirer about it — but we just weren’t within each others ballpark on price.

it seems like a lot of people who bought at the peak of the market are still trying to get all their money out, even though the current market just won’t give it to them.

and so we sit.

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