The quick brown fox jumped over the good, but lazy Parker family.

emergency! emergency!

Sunday, 21 November 2010

i got a text message from the m.o.h. last night:

What happened to your blog?!?

what happened is that 1,101 individual, lovingly crafted blog posts had been spontaneously replaced by a single, solitary “sorry, no blog posts matched your criteria” message.


i logged into the wordpress admin and the dashboard welcomed me to edit my 0 posts.

#$%&$%, @&#$%^.

when i logged into the super techie backed (phpmyadmin, which administers that database that powers the blog) it said that the my wp_posts table — the one with the content for all 1,101 posts — was unavailable because it was “in use”.

#$%&$%, @&#$%^ — #%$&$%.

suddenly, the notion of replacing the notion of sparklet’s babybook with a happy, communal blog seemed like a pretty stupid idea.

suddenly, the notion of only backing up said blog twice in the last two years (August 2010, July 2009) seamed like a pretty bad idea.

at some point in the week hours of the morning — after two support tickets and 45 minutes of googling/panicking — i figured out that the database had “just” become corrupted, and i “just” needed to repair the table. after another 30 minutes of googling to find out how to do such a thing, i did it.

and it worked.

and now i’m successfully procrastinating on a plan to backup the website — at least until after the *next* disaster.