up until this weekend, i was about two months behind on stitching together videos — and i’m starting to understand how people end up with stacks and stacks of mini-dv tapes piled up on a shelf, collecting dust.

but, before you watch any of the rest of the videos, watch the outtake above. laugh-out-loud funny. in hindsight.

  • stairs — sparklet is moving up and down stairs like nobody’s business. of course, we don’t have any, so we have to borrow the stairs at the playground.
  • baby/birds in a bucket — the full session that produced the (hilarious!) outake above.
  • bubble gum — two rules, do something cute and don’t eat the camera. did okay on the first. not so much on the latter.
  • sparklet’s first film — it’s a little avant guarde. or maybe just weird for the sake of being weird. but who am i to judge?