as shocking as it is to my fragile, miopic worldview — we aren’t the first

turns out, according to the internet archive “wayback machine” there was another parker family who had the domain back in 2001.

i don’t have much on who they were — scott was the dad and wasn’t up for “programmer of the year”, jordan was the daughter and created a fan site for horses (called “thunder horses” no less) and a cheerleading page (featuring nearly impenetrable cheerleading trivia).

family thunderhorses cheerleading

unfortunately, 2 minutes of googling didn’t lead to any “where are they now” stories, and that’s just about the sum total of my attention span these days.

in other news, the new owners of — our wedding domain from a few years back — got married, went on a cruise, and if splash pages are to be believed may be thinking about babies.

more bulletins as warranted.