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Sunday, 13 June 2010

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in all the once-every-four-year world cup craziness, i’ve been struggling to keep up with the second-final-in-three-years boston celtics, even though admitting this publicly probably gives my father heart palpitations.

in the interest of full disclosure, while i sucked every last drop of enjoyment out of the celtic’s championship run in 2008, i didn’t give them much chance to win *any* of their playoffs series this year (vs. miami, cleveland and orlando) and am still not sure they’ve got an advantage in the finals (even though they only need to win one of their next two in L.A. to claim their 18th championship banner).

And so, I’ve tacked on 6 hours of daily world cup coverage to my after hours NBA responsibillities, not to mention I’ve still got tape of the winter olympics left on my tivo from February.

somebody’s gotta win something, because i need my life back.