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the mayor of walter pierce park

Sunday, 21 March 2010

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photo of the week // week twenty-three
baby sparklet and i have been playing around with foursquare, a gps-powered social media app that lets people “check-in” to locations, and become “mayor” if you check-in at a place more than anybody else.

well, i’m pleased to announce that sparklet is now the mayor of walter pierce park.

i wasn’t paying much attention to foursquare until i saw Wired co-founder John Battelle speak on the future of social media while i was in Salt Lake City. he said that once you became mayor of your grocery store (for instance), you’d be darned if you’d let anyone else be there more than you.

he was right.

and so, we’ll be back to the park early next week. sparklet’s a benevolent leader, but isn’t going to stand by and let the rest of the tots in the lot move in on her fiefdom.

(p.s. i you are on foursquare, you can friend sparklet on her profile, here.)


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