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british beer

Sunday, 3 May 2009

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[John Smith's Extra Smooth, London, England, UK.]
on the flight over here from the U.S., i gave my father two goals for his tenure in Britain — either he was going to learn to drink scotch or he was going to learn to drink beer.

he chose the latter.

my father really hasn’t done much with alcohol at least since i’ve been around — there is a childhood story about mixing day old empties together which still gives me the heebs — but each meal i’d pick out something for myself that i thought he’d like, give him a sample and then he’d either order it or something he had earlier in the trip.

i have to say he’s built himself a respectable palette for the darker stuff — mostly brown ales and stouts. the effort was made a bit easier by English beer’s milder taste than it’s American microbrew cousins, but a beer is a beer and now he’s fully prepped up to tie one down at work functions and the like.

i’m so proud 🙂