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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

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[Family, Old High Church, Inverness, Scotland, UK.]
[Old High Church, Inverness, Scotland, UK.]
Inverness was the one part of the trip that we just couldn’t really work into the plan. My mother’s Grandfather was born there, but it was so far north, not much to see, and not exactly the most scenic city of the lot.

Turns out we were wrong on the first part — once we got to where we were staying in Drumnadrochit, the innkeeper listed some places in Inverness as good dinner options, and said it was just under 30 minutes away.

So we drove in for a bit — nominally to find the Old High Church, which would have almost certainly been by Great Grandfather’s Church during his lifetime. We found it eventually (after a small detour to an unmarked neighboring church) and found some MacDonalds in the cemetary.

It’s nice going off the plan every once in a while.

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Inverness, Scotland