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Glen Coe

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

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[Glen Coe, Scotland, UK.]
[Glen Coe, Scotland, UK.]
[Glen Coe, Scotland, UK.]
[Glen Coe, Scotland, UK.]
the mountains around Glen Coe are officially on my list of most beautiful places on the planet. there is an strange quiet and sadness that permeates the landscape, which might be why it’s (erroneously) translated as the Valley of Weeping.

for those playing along at home, Glencoe is where several dozen of MacDonalds (ancestors on my maternal grandmother’s side) were killed in their own home by the guests who had accepted their hospitality, because the MacDonalds had not yet pledged their allegience to new monarchs William and Mary.

(yes, THAT William and Mary.)

it really is stunning here — so stunning, we’re going to stop again on our way back from the Isle of Skye, too.

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Glen Coe, Scotland