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travel: scotland, uk

Friday, 24 April 2009

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[Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.]
ECPA20090426_8378, originally uploaded by [ecpark].
so, ended up not blogging the trip to Scotland the same way I’ve done trips in the past.

this was partly because the schedule was a little too packed for much writing time, partly because I’d just fallen out of the habit of blogging daily due to the baby-talking-embargo, but mostly because the whole not-sleeping-through-the-night thing means I now spend all my sparetime asleep.

as a result, instead of my witty commentary, you are just stuck looking at the pretty pictures. suffice to say, the trip was beautiful, spectacular, and perfect in every way.

UPDATE: this turned out to not exactly be true — i’ve finally gone back and jotted down most of my thoughts about the trip, and uploaded them (along with the pictures) to the site. I’m sure i’ve missed some things, but i’ll update them as the come up in family “do you remember when” conversations.