i don’t know exactly what happened, but in the space of about 45 minutes, the lady sparkler became a guitar hero aficionado.

and i’m pretty sure it’s fostermom adventure’s fault.

our beloved M.O.H. (maid of honor) was in town this weekend, and apparently has a bit of a guitar hero addiction. (the last time she was here, she was reportedly up into the wee hours of the morning playing…)

so we broke out the game for a fun, family activity … when all of a sudden, sparkler stopped sucking.

literally, up until this very second, my beloved was content to play one song (hit me with your best shot) and do her little butt-waggle in front of the telly, ignoring her single digit scores, and then pronouncing she was “done” with our silly little game.

now, she greats me in the morning with statement’s like “can we play guitar hero tonight?”

what happened? seriously, no clue. one minute she sucked, the next she is breathing down my neck, looking for signs of weakness.

damn, i’m a lucky man. i think.