Live blogging the Inaugural Concert on the mall today. Actually, not live blogging — because AT&T can’t maintain a #$%& signal on the mall — but kept blogging into my iPhone and uploaded it after the fact. Here you go:

11:01 am on the 42 to the inaug concert on the mall. there is standing room only two stops in.
11:42 am made it through security. no where near as nuts as I thought. no bags … except purses, shoulder bags, backpacks, bodybags …. *sigh.*
12:10 pm lots of jumbotrons. early tweeters said there was only one. were they trying to drive down attendance?
12:18 pm pre-flight entertainment has started. wonder if they will use the same 20 songs from the manassas rally.
12:35 pm why does my blanket always end up as a prime cut through for people wandering the venue?
12:38 pm elmo leading a chant of “we are one.” sweet Jesus, take me now.
12:53 pm it’s nuts down here on the mall. two hours ’til showtime, and the place is packed.
1:10 pm amy Hawthorne!
1:25 pm The Lady Sparkler flipping out that people are stepping on her blanket. gonna be a long hour-twenty.
1:52 pm Yup. same soundtrack.
2:10 pm just noticed snipers on top of the Lincoln. btwn that and the low planes coming in to national, I’ve become temporarily distracted by mundane safetly concerns.
2:20 pm convocation.
2:31 pm nice reception for the first couples.
2:36 pm denzel actually got more screams than Obama did in our little section. ear drums bleeding from pre-teens behind.
2:44 pm Bruce Springsteen and a 100 person gospel choir. Sparkler’s happy. I think we can leave now. Oh, wait. Not until U2.
2:49 pm mlk3 just mentioned the peace corps and half the crowd holla’d. think there are hippies around?
2:52 pm jamie foxx doing an Obama impression is creapy good.
2:56 pm clapping with gloves on makes people sound stupid.
3:00 pm some just screamed “run forest run” when tom hanks took the stage.
3:06 pm is it too much to ask for ATT to keep a functioning network for 2m people in then mall?!?
3:11 pm I’m in such a good mood today, that I don’t even hate James Taylor … well, not *as* much.
3:19 pm at the climax of mellencamp’s “pink houses” we had a dramatic fly-over by a perfect formation of 20 very confused looking Canadian geese.
3:22 pm wow, the Daughters of the American Revolution just got thrown under the bus for denying African American singer Marian Anderson the right to perform at Constitution hall … in 1939. ouch.
3:25 pm someone just asked if josh groban was an American idol winner. ouch.
3:28 pm Is that the guy from “Harold and Kumar escape from Guantanamo bay”? what do you have to do to not deserve to appear at this thing?
3:32 pm tiger woods? hmm.
3:41 pm Garth Brooks singing American pie? this is the atlanta-olympics-memorial-36-white-pickups-stuffed-with-cheerleaders moment of the afternoon.
3:43 pm nope. garth brooks just medley-ed into “shout.” *this* is the stuffed-with-cheerleaders moment. I guess “pie” was just the white-pickups part.
3:47 pm celebrity #239 and #240 just spoke. can you imagine how big the greenroom must be?
4:01 pm not one, but TWO songs by U2? Sparkler has left her mind. I repeat. Sparkler has left her mind.
4:07 pm how do you follow that? two tethered eagles? ick.
4:10 pm or, maybe, Obama?
4:18 pm great speach. well written. made up for the awkward eagles thing.
4:24 pm sing-a-long. I get the feeling I am in kindergarten, and beyonce is my teacher (WOHOO!)
4:35 pm walking out.
4:38 pm there is a boy on a leash rolling around on the ground like a dog. interesting lesson in socialized behavior.
4:46 pm no way we are getting on public transportation. no way.
5:10 pm wow! made it on a bus. a metro manager stopped a south bound S2 and turned it around in the middle of L street. it has these fuzzy seats, as if it were a charter. strange.
5:16 pm Being interviewed by the Washington post. can’t wait to see how that story pans out. (pdf)
5:21 pm final thought: if this many people showed for the concert, the inauguration is going to crazy. CRAZY!