with apologies to letterman, here are the top five signs the person you married might be a boy … (all said by the lady sparkler this week):

5. "Awesome! You didn’t tell me the Tour de France was on — move over."
4. "Of course you should get an iPhone!"
3. "Dychenko is starting in midfield for D.C.? Oh, well … he can’t be worse than Gallardo."
2. "I think Evan would make a great house-husband."
1. "Hi, honey … I’m home. Can we play video games tonight?"

as for the latter, after more than a little effort, the lady sparkler and i have beaten super mario galaxy through the first time in two-player mode. i completely sold her short, thinking she’d bail after the first couple of challenges.

turns out she was totally addicted, and was literally bouncing up and down as we polished off the 100th challenge last night.