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Well, people have already started arriving for the big weekend … and pretty much all of them brought cameras. This led me to thinking that this is going to be a fairly well documented event, and we might want to do some online sharing of our own.

A lot of us use Flickr for our pictures and, if you are one of them, why don’t we try tagging all of our wedding weekend photos with “ParkerSpindler2007” (without the quotes) so we all can all share in the picture love.

It’s so rare for us to have this many friends and loved ones together, we’d love to see any many pictures of the ensuing happiness as we can.

Once The Lady Sparkler and I have the “official” pictures back from the wedding photographer, we will be tagging them this way (along with any snapshots from the extended weekend). If you aren’t on flickr, just add a comment to this blog entry with a link to wherever your post your pictures. If you don’t *have* a place to post them, feel free to forward them along to us … we’re happy to post them on our account for you.