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ballet recital

Saturday, 21 March 2015



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ballet recital


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ballet recital

Saturday, 13 December 2014



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ballet recital


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ballet class

Saturday, 13 September 2014

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ballet class


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found: ballet prep

Sunday, 7 September 2014

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live: end of the sochi olympics

Monday, 24 February 2014

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24 Feb 14 … #okayimdone. #Sochi2014
24 Feb 14 … I had some nice things to say about NBC’s coverage this year, and then they have to go and poop on it on the last night. #Sochi2014
24 Feb 14 … I have no idea what’s going on. aren’t there supposed to be educated and engaged commentators to help me? #Sochi2014 #NBCFail
24 Feb 14 … interesting that NBC shows clips from US v RUS hockey, instead of that game against Finland. #whitewashing #selectivehistory #Sochi2014
24 Feb 14 … I love that Korea was given explicit instructions on how to tie their scarves so that the 2018 logo is clearly visible. #Sochi2014
24 Feb 14 … yes, Cris, a 350 year old Russian ballet is exactly like Phantom of the Opera. #evendennismillerwouldbeanimprovement #Sochi2014 #nbcfail
24 Feb 14 … okay, Chris Collingsworth officially needs to #shutthehellup. #Sochi2014 #nbcfail
24 Feb 14 … where is Putin’s girlfriend? must have shown “too much personality” at the opening, #hmmm #Sochi2014
24 Feb 14 … kids choirs make everything awesomer. except “Kidz Bop.” that $&%?s rank. #Sochi2014
24 Feb 14 … damn, I love the Russian sense of humor. #ringfail #Sochi2014 http://t.co/sc3lFA27Km
24 Feb 14 … in my head, I have an image of Posner taking Remnick out back and kneecapping him, thus saving the world from his commentary. #Sochi2014
24 Feb 14 … I know watching is morally wrong, and that I’m losing brain cells as I speak, but this Nancy/Tanya special is #cracktastic. #Sochi2014
23 Feb 14 … I fundamentally dislike Sidney Crosby’s smirk. #TeamCanada #Sochi2014
23 Feb 14 … am I a horrible person for just assuming they’ve slept together, at least once? #IceDancing #Sochi2014
23 Feb 14 … I tried to make it through this “gala” without drinking, but it’s just not going to happen. #alcoholnumbsthepain #Sochi2014
23 Feb 14 … frankly, I’m ready to watch something with significantly less inspiring commercials. #sochi2014
23 Feb 14 … just realized that Tara and Johnny’s comb over braids this week were a political statement in support of Yulia Tymoshenko. #sochi2014
23 Feb 14 … every time I see a Lindsey Jacobellis commercial, I involuntarily get a condescending pouty sad-face and think sad thoughts. #Sochi2014
23 Feb 14 … I hereby declare you a horrible human being if you weren’t teary by the end of the Jessica Long story. #Sochi2014
23 Feb 14 … okay, NBC is actually pretty damn good at puff pieces. #Sochi2014
23 Feb 14 … tho I was single parenting a 2 y.o. at the time, the @NBCOlympics special on Lokomotiv was pretty incredible. #Sochi2014 #NBCFTW
22 Feb 14 … just found a stash of old mix tapes. based on the song selection, I’d like to apologize to anyone I’ve ever known, dated or married.
22 Feb 14 … how soon until NBC packages #Ukraine protests with olympic gold win, and sets it to the theme from “Terms of Endearment?” #Sochi2014
22 Feb 14 … has there always been this much country swapping at the #Olympics? #seemslikecheating #sochi2014
22 Feb 14 … what’s the thematic antonym for Miracle on Ice? #floptothefinns #Sochi2014
22 Feb 14 … conspiracies aside, looks like the math adds up. #Sotnikova #Sochi2014 via @nytimes http://t.co/3t9YOVC0T6
22 Feb 14 … can we stop blaming the speedskating suits now?!? #Sochi2014 http://t.co/KKoRTxPaow
22 Feb 14 … p.s. Ashley needs to shut it because transparency wasn’t the thing keeping her off the podium. #Sochi2014
22 Feb 14 … speaking of jackasses, Ashely Wagner is horrible but she’s right about transparency. #stillshutup #Sochi2014 http://t.co/o23bTNIiz7
22 Feb 14 … well, turns out the penance for winking at the camera in the start house is to win gold. #imgoodnow #Sochi2014
22 Feb 14 … they’ve got to be so psyched to be skiing on something that kinda sorta actually resembles snow. #Sochi2014
22 Feb 14 … btw, I missed you guys. #dontgetthefluduringtheolympics #Sochi2014
22 Feb 14 … is that the same speed skater from GBR that keeps falling down? #Sochi2014
21 Feb 14 … oh well, at least @DukeU lost last night. #Sochi2014 #USAvsCanada

the bolshoi’s “le corsaire” @ the kennedy center

Thursday, 18 June 2009


as a Russian studies major — which included spending the summer of ’92 bouncing around the moscow and saint petersberg theater districts — i try and see the Russian ballet troupes whenever their quasi-permanent touring companies pass through D.C.

this week, it’s the Bolshoi Ballet’s turn.

i won’t bother reviewing the show (there is no need, as Robert Greskovic of the wall street journal saw the exact same show) but it was both outstanding, and thoroughly un-Russian.

just as glasnost melted Soviet politics, it also melted the soul-crushing need for Russian conformity. in ballet, that means everything is a step less precise — likely because the off-stepping member of the corps is no longer shot on sight.

don’t get me wrong, the production was beautiful — awash in color, with incredible individualistic performances, filled with old world emotion — and nearly perfect by today’s standards.

it’s just not the mechanical, stunningly in-unison, and bombastic production that i grew to love back in the day.

… which puts me in a small circle of people (along with the military industrial complex) secretly wishing another cold war would breakout.

PHOTO: Le Corsaire, photo courtesy of Bolshoi Ballet.


Monday, 9 March 2009


l5885028630_8698we saw “ballerina” tonight, a documentary by bertrand normand which uses five russian ballerinas at different stages of there careers to examine the life of a ballet dancer.

i am pretty sure i was the only man there who dragged his wife along, and not the other way around.

I fell on love with ballet in Russia, when I first saw a production at the Marinski — the theatre featured in the documentary — when I was in high school. in college, I was the resident light designer for the dance department for my last two years.

and no, I’m not gay … thankyouverymuch.

the film was beautiful, with stunning shots of st. petersburg mixed in with great behind the scenes footage of the dancers rehearsing and performing. I was in heaven.

one of the opening scenes showed a class of first years at the prestigious Vaganova Academy, with their tiny builds and their incredibly petite features … which made me think:

first, this could never have been filmed in the united states, because our seven year-old look like NFL linebackers by comparison.

second, if baby sparklet is a girl, she has no future in ballet unless, well, she isn’t actually related to either the lady sparkler or myself. neither of us have any discernible coordination, nor could we be mistaken as petite, I’m the least flexible person on the planet, and my wife would have punched the artistic director in the nose after his first note on her performance.

little sparklet can be pretty much anything she/he wants to be when when [it] grows up …

… but not a ballet dancer.

… and it kills me.