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grace potter and the nocturnals @ wolf trap national park’s filene center

Thursday, 15 August 2013

i just watched grace potter rip the lid off wolf trap. of course, cynics would say this doesn’t take much, because wolf trap doesn’t have a lot of experience getting it’s lid ripped off — but that’s besides the point. three things to note:

first, this was the best concert i’ve been to in recent memory — and even the lady sparkler had to admit that it was just a great show, top to bottom. she covered all the classics, and did a solo, electric-guitar version of “Nothing But The Water” that was incredible.

second, the lady sparkler’s admission above is especially amazing considering how hard I had to fight to go. i bought tickets, but she didn’t really want to go. she scheduled two trips over the night of the concert, both of which I had to fight off like a ninja. and, then, had to physically drag her to the actual concert.

finally, while grace potter was an outstanding show — including a cover of “Paint It Black” that was good enough that the Stones should have paid her a royalty for the privilege — the opening act (Trombone Shorty) was the single best opening act (that term seems so shallow) I’ve ever seen.

good night, all the way around.

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