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travel: manuel antonio, costa rica

Friday, 24 May 2013

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god knows what i was thinking, but we’re going to costa rica.

the idea started 18 months ago, when the lady sparkler and i decided we wanted to go to the Osa penninsula — a location I had worked on a lot while i was at large, unnamed conservation organization.

but, after 9 months of talking to people who had been to Osa, we quickly decided that we were more likely to bring back both of our kids (alive) if we went somewhere else. then, after another 3 months of deciding whether or not coming back with all of our kids was a priority for us, we decided to go somewhere else.

manuel antonio is still on the pacific side of Costa Rica, and still has access to some stunning beaches and rain forests, and is a little more family friendly. though, i should point out, the miami airport is not. stunning. or family friendly.

but, it’s all trade offs — and the miami airport is all that stands between me an 7 days of sitting on the beach.

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travel: manuel antonio, costa rica


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