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sparklet’s new school, same as the old school

Sunday, 31 March 2013

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after months of crazy, it looks like we’ve got a pre-school for sparklet to attend in September — and it’s Bancroft Elementary.

the district provides universal pre-school and pre-kindergarden, but only has a set number of seats available so makes people go through a lottery process — even if you live in boundry for the school you want to attend.

as a result, we “got” to apply to half a dozen public schools and about three dozen charters, all to make sure sparklet has some place to go in September.

we made it into Bancroft, our first choice, and didn’t even get wait listed. we also lucked out by getting into E.L. Haynes, Appletree Early Learning in Columbia Heights, and one other whose name is escaping me, so we would have had options had Bancroft not come through.

our favorite moment though, was the rejection letter we got from one of the most prestigeous pre-schools in the city, which read something like:

congratulations! you’ve made the wait list for our school, and are 697th in line for a position in our pre-school class. we’re proud to say that we had over 700 applicants this year…

think that qualifies for not understanding the audience you’re communicating with, or at least not personalizing your messages to their specific recipients.

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