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sparklet’s oscars

Monday, 11 February 2013

in honor of the academy awards, sparklet has pulled together her lifetime nods for the three most important categories:

Best Animated Feature

  • tangled
  • winnie the pooh
  • alice in wonderland
  • anastasia
  • rio
  • the jungle book

Best Musical

  • annie
  • chitty, chitty, bang, bang
  • mary poppins
  • the muppets
  • the muppet movie

Best Original Song

  • “bare necessities” from the jungle book
  • “chitty, chitty, bang, bang” from chitty, chitty, bang, bang
  • “life’s a happy song” from the muppets
  • “i’ve got a dream” from tangled
  • “i wan’na be like you” from the jungle book

i won’t bother to announce the winners, because we’d be redistributing trophies, back and forth just about every day for the rest of our lives.