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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

i just realized how biased my view of children’s hospitals is.

i neglected to mention it at the time, but at our last check-up mommy pointed out to our pediatrician that the mighty quinn’s head was still a little mis-shapen from delivery. the doctor said that she was sure there wasn’t anything wrong, but we should schedule an appointment at Children’s National Medical Center here in D.C. just to be sure.

i didn’t realize how nervous i was, until i got there. then i realized the only time i’ve every really seen a children’s hospital — with the aggressively saturated colors, and overly playful decorations — was when watching a horrible (or miraculous) medical wonder story on extreme makeover home edition.

as a result, i’ve decided that i’m not a big fan.

thankfully, it turns out that everything is perfectly fine. the mighty quinn’s head is well within the medical definition of normal for this point in his life, and there was no evidence of brain or cranial problem.


the mighty quinn:

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