The quick brown fox jumped over the good, but lazy Parker family.


Friday, 18 May 2012


went up to boston on wednesday for a couple of things, one of them was a new business pitch for a firm that was looking for some digital accument and expertise.

we prepared a great deck, and had a great pitch, and i promptly left my keys in their conference room and flew home to D.C. before i discovered it.

what better way to say you’ve got your !@#$ together than by calling them the next day and asking them to send you your keys.

the worst part is that there was a mix up on the timing of my flight home. i had told sparklet that i’d be home in time to say good night, but turned out i was actually on the 8pm flight that gets into DC at 9:30pm — way to late for her to stay up.

i showed up to the airport two hours early, got on an much earlier flight, and made it home in time — to walk up to my car and not be able to get into it.

thank god for cabs — even if it meant i got to spend 2 hours on Saturday trekking back down to the airport to pick up my car.