The quick brown fox jumped over the good, but lazy Parker family.

the most expensive nap in history

Saturday, 10 March 2012


mommy started getting contractions this morning around 4am, and we immediately jumped into our great baby action plan — and by immediate, i mean when she finally woke me up at 6:15am. and, after we stopped for mcdonalds at 7:00am.

but the rest of the plan went off without a hitch. we dropped sparklet with the talimo’s and sped off to sibley for admission, a beautiful corner room, a two hour nap, and a doctor’s official diagnosis of pre-term Braxton Hicks contractions.

so, false alarm.

in unrelated news, i’ve now programmed sibley into the GPS, because in all the excitement i completely forgot how to get to the hospital. again.

and, i got two quality hours with my kindle while mommy napped. i had kind of forgotten what it was like to have time to read — even though i understand it’ll probably be short lived.