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stick the landing

Sunday, 15 January 2012

sparklet’s been falling down — a lot.

we’d been watching (with great concern) her developing a cocky “i get this whole walking thing” machismo, which has been quickly turning into a steady stream of bouncing off tables, getting thrown off playground equipment and falling down stairs.

this morning we hit our first major milestone of a two year old: she fell down a flight of stairs. fortunately, it was indoors (from the second floor to the first, and not the 27 concrete steps we have out front) and fortunately everything is fine (she was up and moving in seconds, with nary a scratch).

but it was #%&%$# horrible.

she was climbing, and must have made it up to the very top, because it sounded like she fell for a full 30 seconds. when she slid into the ground floor, she did so on he back — bouncing her head down the last three steps.

not good.

regardless, we’re counting our blessings — she’s fine, and she’s now (visibly) being more careful on stairs. no blood, no bump, no bruise, no foul.

that which does not kill us scares the bejeezus out of our parents.