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dancing queen — aka. sparklet’s commentary on bad 80s music

Saturday, 14 January 2012

this morning, our kitchen itunes found itself on the “80s/vintage” mix, and sparklet has some notes of commentary she couldn’t stop herself from sharing:

“take on me” from a-ha was perfect for spinning. abba was generally well received, although she dropped “i do, i do, i do” by the second chorus. we’ll never play “forever young” by alphaville ever again, ever (and my heart is absolutely crushed by her response to one of the top ten songs of my childhood).

the big hit of the morning (i’m going to hell) was belinda carlisle, but she made up for it with her love of dexy’s midnight runners and (eventually, after i was horrified by her response to “mad about you”) the go-go’s. oh, and she was thoroughly confused by madonna’s “like a prayer” but hey, aren’t we all.

but, she reserved her most poignent critique for biz markie.

she’s taken to yelling “song!” when she wants us to turn on some music, or (worse) in the 2 seconds between songs. a few seconds after “just a friend” came on she yelled “song!” and, when i said that it (technically) was a song, she yelled “song!” again.

this quickly escalated to a chant (never heard before) of “new song! new song!” — which didn’t abate until i kicked the music forward to “pretty in pink” instead.

everybody’s a critic.