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flag of honor

Sunday, 28 August 2011

one of the best kept secrets of capitol hill is that you can get an actual American flag (not the “patriotic banners” Walmart sells now to skirt the flag laws) flown over the Capitol for really reasonable prices.

while we’ve been flying the District flag and the Great Flag of the Republic from our porch for a couple of months now, on national holidays it’s growing increasingly hard to fly a non-American flag without betraying our separatist leanings.

so, after another awkward holiday (July 4th, featuring our Texas flag) we finally ordered an American flag, and did so in honor of my grandfather, grant “poppa” roberts.

it seemed an appropriate thing to do considering he is the only man i know who flew an American flag from his porch each day for the last couple of decades — right up until he moved into assisted care a month or so ago.

and, besides getting a reasonably priced flag to fly, we also got a nice little certificate from the Architect of the Capitol:

The is to certify that the accompanying flag was flown over the United States Capitol. At the request of the Honorable Eleanor Holmes Norton, Member of Congress, this flag was flown for Kate Elisabeth Parker, in honor of Grant “Poppa” Roberts.

long may it wave.