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the great glen echo park meltdown of 2011

Sunday, 7 August 2011

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i’ve got no clue what happened, but apparently sparklet doesn’t like carousels.

and i honestly couldn’t have been more surprised if elvis and a martian walked up to me this afternoon, slapped me in the face, and demanded to be taken to see President Bachmann.

the lady sparkler, aunt melissa and sparklet boarded the old carousel at Glen Echo park, but sparklet started bawling and demanded to be taken off. mommy handed her to me over the railing around the ride, and then got back on — which, to put it mildly, turned out to be the wrong choice.

this coming from the girl who loves anything that involves loud music, bright lights, and being hung upside down by her ankles. even so, it looks like we might need to give it another couple of months.


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