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the last flexday

Monday, 18 July 2011


i’ve got a bit of a “found” day today.

my last day at the Conservancy was supposed to be today, but i ended up working about 12 hours over the weekend and skipped my flexday the week before, so i think we’re just going to call it even.

sparklet and i got up early and hiked along the potomac in cabin john, maryland — which she loved, especially the part where we were hiking under the landing path of national airport. being the dad that i am, i then one-upped myself by taking her down to roaches run, to show here what it’s *really* like being under the flight path of an airport.

we finished up with lunch, and a run through the fountains at columbia heights — i have to say, days like these are going to be one thing i’m going to miss about my old gig.

i might have to take a friday off now and again, just to pretend like it’s a flex day.

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columbia heights civic plaza fountain, washington, dc