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women’s world cup

Sunday, 17 July 2011

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sparklet got her first introduction to the horror that is watching the u.s. national soccer teams play in the world cup, watching the team take the lead twice (and having 80% of the chances) before losing in penalty kicks.

fortunately, it didn’t seem to phase her. she cheered when the u.s. took the lead in the 69th minute, and cheered when japan answered ten minutes later. she cheered when the u.s. took the lead again at the mid-point of extra time, and cheered even harder when japan equalized minutes before the end of the match.

(we didn’t let her watch the penalty kicks, for obvious reasons…)

but maybe she is the one who has the right approach here — if you root for everyone, you’ll never be disappointed. that’s sage advice, especially when the Americans are playing.

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women’s world cup


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