The quick brown fox jumped over the good, but lazy Parker family.

seven days

Sunday, 22 May 2011

in the next seven days:

  • monday — we sell our place on Park Road, and start our seven day rentback from the new owners.
  • tuesday — we walk through the new house to make sure they haven’t trashed the place.
  • wednesday — we close on the new place on Monroe Street.
  • thursday — the lady sparker takes sparklet to Tejas, and our POD is delivered bearing all the crap stuff we packed away last February.
  • friday — movers come to take the rest of our crap stuff from Park Road to Monroe Street.
  • saturday — i unpack.
  • sunday — our rentback ends, which means we’re fully out of Park Road.
  • monday — and on the eighth day, he rested.

actually, we kicked everything off this afternoon with the buyers walking through our house to make sure WE hadn’t trashed the place.

we hadn’t — well, except for all the boxes.

move in:

0y, 0m, 3d

in mt. pleasant, dc:

3y, 10m, 2d