The quick brown fox jumped over the good, but lazy Parker family.

the waiting

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

thirty-seven days and counting — and right now that seems like a reaaaally long time.

our Memorial Day closing date was an unfortunate by-product of our buyers freaking out about us doing a “rent back” of our current place from them, and going from “unlimited flexibility” to “you have seven days to sell the place, buy a new one, and move.”

so, when they went rigid, we had to pick an arbitrary date far enough out that we were certain we could find a place to live in the meantime. a noble idea made kinda silly by us signing a contract later that weekend to buy the place on Monroe.

regardless, we have this kinda awkward four weeks in the middle here — all of our inspections and appraisals are done (so nothing left to do with the buying or the selling) but we are still five-plus weeks away from moving (so it’s a little early to pack).

and so we wait.

move in:

0y, 1m, 5d

in mt. pleasant, dc:

3y, 9m, 0d