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Friday, 15 April 2011

we’ve been going to Dr. Robert Silverman, MD (Pediatric Dermatology in Fairfax, VA) since last year to get sparklet’s port wine stain treated.

for of our three appointments so far, we’ve sat in the waiting room for a collective four and a half hours because — wait for it — they can’t turn the laser on while other appointments happening or the building’s electrical system will collapse.

it seems to me there are a couple of options here: (a) don’t offer the treatment, (b) slap your landlord around a bit and make him solve the problem, (c) move, or (d) don’t schedule multiple appointments when you know one is a laser treatment.

but, Dr. Robert Silverman, MD (Pediatric Dermatology in Fairfax, VA) has just chosen an intriguing “fifth” way — he’s told his staff to no longer process insurance claims for the treatment, so now we’d have to pay in cash and work with the insurance company ourselves.

i’m guessing this is his effort to drive down demand.

needless to say, we’ve already started looking for other treatment options. as exciting as the long slog to Fairfax is, it just doesn’t seem worth the trouble.

PHOTO CREDIT: The second hour in Dr. Robert Silverman, MD (Pediatric Dermatology) waiting room in Fairfax, VA. Photo © Tiredangrybitter Dad.


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