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dear america

Friday, 15 April 2011

happy tax day, america!

just a friendly reminder that your friendly neighbors here in Washington, DC pay all the taxes you do, get federal bureaucrats / international ambassadors / presidential motorcades clogging up our roads, and get to welcome your tour groups / protests / elected officials to our little town each spring and summer (and fall, and winter) — all without voting representation in the process you all seem to deride so much.

(i’m not great with history, but i hear wars have broken out over just this sort of thing.)

so, while the rest of the country is basking in the warm glow of a recently passed federal budget — DC is once again being told how to spend it’s money by a bunch of outsiders who use our city’s name as a kind of expletive to describe everything that is wrong with the planet.

for the record, we don’t mind (necessarily) doing our part for democracy and taking one for the team. we’d just like to be able to vote against it.