despite being 97 years young, our home-elect is in pretty outstanding shape.

we spent three hours pouring over the place on Saturday, and really didn’t come up with nearly as much as we would have thought.

there was a loose toilet on the first floor which we didn’t want to start leaking, a couple small electrical issues and a joist which showed some possible termite damage — all of which the sellers agreed to fix.

there are some other issues which we’ll want to fix ourselves in the months after we move in: the boiler was installed in 1982, and probably is a little behind as far as fuel efficiency goes; the attic could use a little more insulation; and there are two code issues with railings on the porch and on the steps to the basement.

the first two will take some planning (and some $$$$) but the latter i can fix myself on pretty much any random Saturday afternoon.

oh, and even our termite fears turned out to be over blown. the porch next door does have a small termite issue, but “our” porch has been treated and got a clean bill of health — and they were actually replacing the offending porch during our inspection.

i think we’ve got one contingency left (our appraisal) but the last week of May seems a lot closer than it did even a couple of days ago.

MAP: From Baist’s Real Estate Atlas of Surveys of Washington, District of Columbia, circa 1919. “Our” place is #79, located just above the “M” in Monroe Street.