we just sold our place … and while it was technically still off the market.

we pulled the listing on Monday, got our place back to living order on Tuesday night, but then got a call from our real estate agent Wednesday night saying that someone wanted to see the place Thursday morning.

we proceeded to explain to him what “being off the market” meant, but he was insistent that the showing was a good idea.

apparently, the prospective buyers had seen our place about two weeks ago, and had bid on another place and lost. now, they had narrowed the next round of their search to our place and one other — and had freaked out a bit when we took our place off the market earlier in the week.

so, we spent all night Wednesday re-staging our place for the Thursday morning showing.

and they loved the place. and they put a (nearly) full price offer on the place. and we accepted. and we settle the week of May 22nd.

which just goes to show you: the best way to get an offer is to take your place off the market.