well, that was awkward…

after clearing out of the house to make way for a 5:30 pm showing — and running up a $50 tab at haydees waiting for our place to clear — we suddenly found ourselves with three people standing unannounced in our hall at 7:05 pm.

turns out that they were running about an hour and a half late.

the potential buyers were very nice about the whole thing, but spent (maybe) three and half minutes looking around before skedaddling awkwardly. i’m sure they were very interested in not ‘bothering’ us, but i would have rather had them actually see the place.

the open house this weekend, however, went a little better.

eleven groups came through — nine with realtors — for a total of fourteen for the weekend. two groups “lingered” according to our agent, and one of them actually came back earlier this week for a second viewing.

the only negative feedback has been the condo fee (which is a bit steep because of recent elevator and window replacements) and the shabby common areas (they’re due for refurbishment this spring and it’s past due).

all this puts us in an awkward place.

part of us is rooting for a quick sale, and excited about the momentum that’s been building. part of us is wondering why it hasn’t sold yet because it’s been 8 long days of continual staging.

but, part of us is scared to death that it will sell — because we still need to find a place worth buying.

okay, it’s march, people. let’s get some 3 to 4 bedroom row houses on the market in our neighborhood — preferably at reasonable prices, if you don’t mind.