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wall photos: mount pleasant

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

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[Snow, Mount Pleasant, Washington, DC.]
[Mount Pleasant, Washington, DC.]
Photo by Chambo25 (used detail of Heller’s and Pfieffer’s signs).
Photo by jajajav.
Photo by katmere (used detail of National Baptist Church on left).
[View of Mount Pleasant street with the three churches of 16th street.]
Photo by mindgutter.
we’re adding some local flavor to our place, celebrating how awesome mount pleasant is.considering i’ve take over 9,000 photos since i’ve moved here, i figured it would be super easy — but it turns out exactly three photos of them depicted mount pleasant (well, and didn’t include either baby sparklet or snow).

i need to get out into the neighborhood more.

the photos we used are above — with special thanks to the photographers.