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packing crate

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


it’s snowing — which isn’t particularly conducive to packing a moving crate, nor preserving the finish of the lady sparkler’s favorite chair, nor the structural integrity of cardboard boxes.

i’ve lost track of exactly how many boxes i’ve packed, through i’m guessing it’s in the 75-80 range. that, when coupled with seven chairs, three tables, two book cases and a dresser, it’s enough to both fill up a crate and remind me why i vowed not six years ago to never move myself ever again.

a handyman came today to fix the sink damaged three years ago when our medicine cabinet fell off the wall, the painters come tomorrow to utterly crush my self-esteem/will-to-live, and the few pieces of “staging” furniture arrived this weekend.

and then we list on Tuesday.

in mt. pleasant, dc:

3y, 6m, 23d